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Disabled Discounts Testimonials

Below is a few samples of our testimonials. Originally, members paid a low fee for subscriptions, but the site is now free to all who register! If you have an experience that you would like to share with us please email us your story at info@disableddiscounts.com.

A Vision Impaired Testimonial from M. Silber

My husband and I (both retired seniors) were avid bridge players until last year when my husband began experiencing a loss of his vision. According to his ophthalmologist this situation will become progressively worse.

In one year our lives changed.  So many things we took for granted were no more.  However, when my daughter told me about your web site and the category for the blind and visually impaired, I went on-line. 

I had never bought anything through the internet, and I was hesitant.  My daughter helped me through the process.

We found playing cards for the visually impaired.  Those cards changed my husband from an angry, moody man into someone who had regained a major pleasure in his life. 

We will look through the site for other things.  For now, I had to write and tell you the difference a deck of cards has made.  Thank you!

M. Silber

Property Tax Savings Testimonial

I am fifty years old and have been suffering from a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis for many years.  We lived in a two story house for 20 years, but I couldn't handle the stairs any more.

The real estate market is really tough now in California, but we got lucky and were able to sell our house.  We found a one story house we liked, but my husband and I worried about the increase in property taxes.  Then my mother-in-law told me about your guide.  We learned that because I have a disability the property taxes we are now paying can "go forward" with us to our new home. That is a big help!

-S. Hanson

Caregivers Testimonial

My dad had a stroke this year that left him severely handicapped. My mom didn't know where to begin looking for guidance.  Thanks to your site I was able to locate caregivers and other sources of help for them.  It was amazing. There is a world of resources out there of which I was previously unaware.  My mom, my dad, and I thank you!

J. Abbot


I have to tell you this. I thought that I could do the research about the disability from which my daughter is suffering (autism) and the discounts and services to which we are entitled. Boy was I wrong.  The time and effort that I put into doing what I needed to do for my daughter regarding her personal care and well being was not only extensive, but exhausting.  I put off becoming a member until my husband said, "What are you trying to prove?  Get some help!"

And I did. I became a member, I found support groups, I found all sorts of services provided by L.A. County.  I found ways of dealing with our situation.

We are also saving a lot of money.

Thank you!


Have you heard about Disabled Discounts?

I was on a flight to New York, seated next to a woman who suddenly stopped reading her book, delved into her purse and showed me a box that contained some fabulous looking  chocolate chip cookies.  I smiled and shook my head.
She persisted, and asked if I was sure about not taking one.

I told her I was newly diagnosed as a diabetic and was having a lot of problems keeping my blood sugar regulated.  At the moment it was a real problem & I was totally frustrated and scared.

This woman, a total stranger, said she would tell me about her husband, also a diabetic. She didn't keep cookies in the house because of him.  She understood my frustration about blood sugar and my fears about the disease.

Then she said, "Have you heard about Disabled Discounts"?  I shook my head, and she told me that so much has changed since they learned about Disabled Discounts.  Her husband's doctor was fine, he was providing good care, but her husband, an engineer, needed more data than what he was getting.  Then he heard about Disabled Discounts.  The result was understanding the disease and saving money.

The woman opened her computer, went to the site, and showed me how it worked. I loved it, and when I arrived at my home in New York I joined.
That was a good flight home.


Informative and Doable

I am the parent of a special needs child.  My ten year old daughter has a neurological disorder, and her future is uncertain.  I read with interest the article on Special Needs Planning in “The Special Needs Network.”  The material in the article was both informative and doable.

My husband and I have set the wheels in motion, following the recommendations listed.   The words “peace of mind”  were at the start of the article, words that  have eluded us for some time.  Now we have set up a trust and arranged for our daughter’s future.

We always knew we should be doing something “just in case,”   It took us a while to put the “program” together, but it is such a relief to know it is done.  Thank you for having such a wonderful site.

-M. Jacobson

Costco for Prescriptions?

I read about Costco on the page for Major Pharmacy Chains.  My immediate reaction was - Costco for prescriptions?  I would never have thought of it .  Then I mentioned it to a friend who told me what a good deal she was getting on her prescriptions there.  I decided to try it, and I quickly discovered that my friend was correct.   Not only were the prices great, but I was impressed with the good service that I received.  Costco for prescriptions?  Absolutely.

-Marlene Sanderson

What a Blessing!

“Talking Books” may be the best kept secret around.  I couldn’t believe it.  The package arrived, I was able to hear two wonderful books, and I have 3 more waiting. What a blessing!  I turn on my cassette, sit back in my chair, and listen to my books being read to me.  And it is free!  This is the perfect solution for those of us with impaired vision.  I am 85 years young, and I plan on reading with “Talking Books” for a long time.


Hey great site could you expand this to Canada as soon as possible please

Appreciation for one site

Hi Mara and David:

Just found out about your website from Costco, June 2010. My husband has MS and we are moving to a smaller home. We also get different magazines. It is great to just go to one site for information.

Congratulations on going forward. Thank you!



Already Saving Money

Hi David:

Wanted to let you know that the ATT Directory Assistance waiver due to my Lupus has more than covered the cost of your site..in fact, I have already saved over $40.00.

Thank you again..what you have found and done for us all is remarkable!


California Discounts

We too live in California and have had to move due to my husband's illness, from a 2 story home to a 1 story home. We did not know about the tax savings until we joined your site. This is savings to us of over $350.00 monthly, just on the taxes.

Our accountant was not aware of same, but she sure is now

Thank you!!!

Jean and Bill